Parish Admin

Rev. Fr. Thomas Varghese is the Vicar of the St Thomas Indian Orthodox Cathedral. He is assisted by a Managing Committee of 9 elected members including Trustee and Secretary of the Parish, for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Parish. The Managing Committee meets at least once in a month and takes a review of the state of affairs and makes suitable recommendations to the General Body of the Parish (GB) on policy matters/matters requiring approval of the GB. The General Body meets at least twice in a year as required by the Constitution of the Church. However it may meet more number of times to take review and formulate policy decisions.

Our Administration Team

Vicar: Rev. Fr. Thomas Varghese
Phone no: +61 411 867 070

Trustee: Mr. Godly Chackappan
Phone no: +61 411 043 000

Secretary: Mr. Benoy Korah
Phone no: +61 435 215 768


Mr. Sanju Cherian
Mr. Byju Thomas
Mr. Robin John
Mr. Joy Vallikattil
Mrs. Seena John
Mrs. Minimol Joseph

Auditor: Mr. Thomas John